9 Work From Home Outfit Ideas That are Comfy and Chic

With the social distancing measure in place, we’ve officially entered full-on work from home mode for the foreseeable future.

At the present time, we can’t really map out how the next few months will unfold.

Nonetheless, what we can do is to share some work from home outfit ideas that can instantly boost your mood and productivity.

After all, staying in doesn’t mean stepping down your style.

What to wear when you work from home?

If you no longer find joy in spending your (full) day in pyjamas, you might want to consider these ideas:

1. Wear a shirt dress

Basically, just throw it on and you are ready for work. And since you technically aren’t going anywhere, you don’t mind that little wrinkles on it because we don’t want to steam. 

2. A cardigan and a midi skirt

This iconic look never rests, you can try styling a v-neck option with a midi skirt to achieve this look effortlessly. This look is great for those who might need to make a quick trip to the office or the bank for handling administrative stuff once a week.

3. Wear a romper

Need the motivation to get off the couch or bed for a bit? Slip into a one-piece romper. This is good for picking up groceries or takeaways later in the afternoon too.

4. Sweater + Legging | Oversized top + Legging

This combination is an excellent choice if you need to hunker down and work for the next few hours straight. 

5. A slip dress and a Blazer

Great Zoom-meeting outfit idea, if you need to make some presentation over the video call later.

6. Matching set sweatpants

The trick is – it must be a matching set that makes you feel cute yet cosy. Also, try to embrace those in bright colours during this temporary period of darkness.

7. Crew neck top + a pair of earrings

Crew neck top is always a smart investment for your wardrobe. Consider adding a pair of your favourite earrings to lift up your mood.

8. Wear a wrap dress

If you don’t already own the wrap dress, perhaps this is the best excuse you need to indulge in the much-needed retail therapy. This is the kind of dress that you’ll want to keep wearing way beyond quarantine. You might need a few for rotation right now.

9. Wear a knit dress

Cute, cosy, professional, and does not get wrinkly. What’s not to love?

P.S. Sometimes a cute headband might be just what you need to use, if you wish to instantly elevate your look while taming those unsightly hair roots.


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