How to dress for inverted triangle shaped body

Generally speaking, you are said to have inverted triangle shaped body if your shoulder is very much wider than your waist and hip.

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How to dress an inverted triangle shape body

For an inverted triangle shaped body, your main fashion goal is to draw attention away from your broad shoulders or big upper chest. At the same time, bring the eyeballs to your slim lower body and often lean legs.

Create an illusion of smaller shoulder

For the inverted triangle, you will want to divert the focus from your upper body. With this in mind, you can opt for a darker colour top and bright colour bottom.

Additionally, you can wear clothes square, “V” and “U” neckline. These open neckline helps to create a vertical line illusion. Likewise, the strapless garment will take the attention away from your relatively broad shoulder too.

Moreover, you can put on a belt to further define your waist.

Add volume to your bottom

To create more width and overall balance at the bottom, you can wear a dress or skirt that flares at the bottom. For the same reason, you may also make use of bootleg pants, wide-leg pants and culottes to make the lower body wider.

Try a style with horizontal stripes at the bottom, in view of its ability to create a fuller illusion.

Colour Block Midi Dress With Pleated Hem

What not to wear if you have an inverted triangle shape

First, you need to avoid clothes with boat neckline, wide scoop neckline and off-shoulder design. These designs will make your shoulder look even broader.

You might also want to skip clothes with bardot design, puff sleeves and shoulder pads. The detail, volume and fuss at the shoulders will draw the eye outwards, which is undesirable.

Equally important, you will want to stay away from super skinny pants, pencil skirts, skinny jeans, and tapered trousers. Owing to the fact that the skinny style will further emphasise your inverted triangle shape.

In conclusion, to flatter an inverted triangle shape, the design of the top part of your outfit is the most important part of your outfit to get it right.

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