How to dress for rectangle shaped body

What are the characteristics of a rectangle body shape?

Basically, you have a rectangle-shaped body if, you are not particularly curvy coupled with a not-so-defined waist (your waist is about the same width as your hips and bust).

On top of that, you have relatively slender and straight body frame too.

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How to dress a rectangle body shape

The goal of dressing for a rectangle-shaped body is to create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

To put it differently, you want to avoid anything shapeless and at the same time, you need to add curves to your figure.

1.Clever use of colours and fabric prints

Above all, you can wear separates to create interest. It is because the colour top and bottom will effortlessly break up the straight illusion of a rectangle-shaped body.

By the same token, you might want to consider clothes with bold prints, granted that it will give a voluptuous illusion.

2.Create an hourglass curve by emphasising your waistline

Firstly, wear clothes with belted or gathered waist to make your waistline look smaller.

Therefore, you should wear princess seam dresses and dresses with A-line cut.

Just in the same way, peplum dresses that call attention to the waistline, can provide a balanced look.

Similarly, clothes with a wide waistband can create the illusion of an hourglass figure too.

In fact, wrap dress that loosely hugs your body can also make your waist look more shapely and defined.

Meanwhile, you can wear a billowy top. It can massively add volume to your bust and its snug-fitting waist will balance out your athletic feature.

To achieve a more curvaceous appearance, you may also wear shirts with a fitted waist and embellishments around the bust and shoulders.

In any case, you should steer clear of shapeless and straight lines garments.

3.Add flare to your bottom or add volume to your top

To create a visually balance silhouette, you can wear flared pants, pleated pants and even cargo pants.

Besides, you can also wear skirts that flares at the hem like a fit and flare skirt or a mermaid skirt, as well as tiered skirt that goes from fitted at the waist to a flare at the hem.

To add volume to your upper body, you can wear top with ruffles, embellishments or ruched details around the bust.

Nevertheless, you should avoid boxy top if you have wide shoulder.

For those with rectangle body shape, you might worry that you have small or average boobs, little waist definition and a flat bum. In reality, you actually have one of the easiest body types to dress ‚ÄĒ lucky you!

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