How to dress for round shaped body (apple shaped body)

Generally speaking, your body shape is considered a round-shaped if: you have average-to-fuller bust, fuller midsection and hips that are narrower than your bust. You will also have slender legs too.

Remember, You don’t need to have a very large belly to be considered a round-shaped. Specifically, it just means that your extra weight, tends to reside in your waistline.

Am I a round/apple or pear body shape?

Sometimes, people mistake a pear-shaped body for a round/apple-shaped body.

A round-shaped body appeared fuller in the middle and above the waist. On the contrary, a pear-shaped body is heavier below the waist and in the upper thighs. 

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What to wear when you are round/apple-shaped?

If you have a round-shaped body, you should be proud of your full figure and be ready to flaunt it.

Nevertheless, if you want to show off what you’ve got, you need to know how to better dress your body shape. 

Here is our advice when it comes to choosing the clothes that look good on you.

1.Wear tops in the right length and cut

First, you can wear a top that covers the whole belly area and end just below the hip bone.

For example, you can consider a long tunic top, as this style is a great way to create length in your upper body.

To be precise, the perfect tunic length is around your fingertips when you rest your hand by your side.

For the same reason, you can wear a long flowing top that falls below your bottom.

Moreover, you can also don top that is asymmetrical in its cut. Both help significantly in creating vertical and slimming lines.

Additionally, you can also put on top that flows downward from your bust, markedly top with a high-waistline, empire waist or A-line cut.


2.Draw attention away from your middle

Firstly, make use of the right neckline.

You can wear clothes with lower and wider necklines like scoop, square, sweetheart.

Additionally, clothes with a v-neck is also an excellent choice too.

Because these necklines break up the size of your bust and create a vertical line.

Similarly, strapless clothes are equally to make the eyes stay in the upper part of your body.

Wide Square Neck Black Knit Top 

Secondly, go for the right sleeve length.

To draw attention to your arm and away from your tummy, you can wear tops with flare or cuff sleeves.

In addition, you can wear a top with ¾ length, above the wrist length or wrist length.

That said, you should avoid the top that has sleeves end at your bust area.


Thirdly, incorporate the right print/pattern.

You can wear clothes with continuous patterns, given that patterns can significantly help to flatter your body and camouflage your flaws.

To put it another way, you just need to stay away from clothes with different patterns at the midsection or waist area.


In the matter of fabric material, you can choose fabric that has more texture, such as woven and fabric that is not too clingy, especially in the middle area.

You can consider shift dresses, dresses with A-line cut, and other dresses that are loose fitted but properly fitted.

On top of that, You can also wear dresses that have their waistline just below the bust or at your thinnest point. Namely, empire cut top or empire-waisted dresses.

As for skirts, you can try A-line skirt, full circle skirt, trumpet skirt or skirt with a hanky hem.

Lastly, you can wear flat fronted bottoms, wear skirts or trousers with side zip fastening or zip at the back.

What not to wear if you have a round shaped body?

For the purpose of taking the attention off your midsection, you should avoid wearing dresses that are body fitted or dresses with an obvious built-in waistline (like contrast colour block at the waist).

You should also steer clear of clothes that add details to your waist, namely peplum design, for fear that it will make your midriff wider.

For the same reason, you should avoid gathered or tiered skirt that starts at mid-waist area.

Obviously, you should avoid bottoms with open front or bottoms with a lot of zippers in the front.

Resist from putting on a thick belt too, as it will keep the eyes focus on your middle.

With regards to outerwear, you should stay away from lapels jackets, double breasted coats, as they add unwanted fuss and volume near your bust and tummy area.

Also, avoid top that ends at your widest part as well as the form-fitting top. You should give them a miss if possible.

To sum up, always choose top which falls lower than your hip bones.




3.Focus on creating a long and lean silhouette

If the weather allows, try to add layer to your outfits.

For instance, you can wear a jacket that is simple, single-breasted and doesn’t have too many details.

A long and lean, single-breasted blazer will streamline your centre and create a slimmer middle section.

A long cardigan or sleeveless vest are great choices in creating a lean silhouette too.

Similarly, you can don clothes with lengthening vertical lines and big bold graphic print.

On the other hand, skip clothes with wide horizontal lines and small prints.

To show off your proportioned legs, you can wear dresses or skirts that hit your knees, such as knee-length pencil skirts.

Coupled with nude colour shoes or high heels, you can get an elongated and balanced illusion.

In short, every body shape has its own characteristics, which needs to be addressed when choosing your clothes. In order to create a balanced illusion for round shaped body, you need to keep the clothing line straight to slightly fitted as well as draw attention to somewhere above your bust and below the hip line.

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