How to Style to Make Your Legs Look Longer, Instantly!

If you want to showcase your legs and make your legs look longer and leaner, read on.

Not all of us were destined to have sky-high legs. Nevertheless, there are plenty of style tricks that can help to make our legs look longer and slender. In this post, we will look at 9 style tricks to make your legs look longer, instantly!

9 easy ways to make your legs look longer, instantly!

1.Matching shoe colour

To begin with, if you wear short skirts or pants, you can slip on nude shoes that match your skin tone, to create the illusion of long legs.

Similarly, if you wear long tights or pants, put on shoes or boots that have the same colour as the pants/tights too.

That matching colour will create a longer, leaner line through your body.

2.Wear high-waisted

Secondly, a higher waist cut tricks the eyes into thinking that your legs start higher up than they actually do.

In addition, you may tuck in your top to highlight the leg-lengthening effect.

This trick is particularly helpful if you have a longer torso and relatively shorter legs.

3.Wear pointy-toes shoes

Unquestionably, the style of shoes you put on can have massive impact on the visual length of your legs.

If you’re looking to elongate your legs, pick pointed-toes flats or court heels.

Avoid any shoes with ankle straps, because the straps that visually cut off at the ankle will shorten the appearance of your legs. 

4.Simplify the colour scheme of your outfit

Wearing the same hue—especially a dark shade—from head-to-toe will stretch you out vertically. For instance, an all-black outfit can help you look taller and slimmer, instantly. 

Besides, wearing a maxi dress in a darker colour can also achieve the same lengthening effect.

Black maxi dress

5.Layer with a crop jacket

If the weather allows, you might want to throw on a jacket that ends just above your hips.

It makes your torso look shorter and your legs look longer in comparison.

6.Wear wide-leg pants

To make your legs look incredibly long, try wide-leg pants. On top of that, you might want to get it tailored so that the hem length grazes the top of your foot.

Be sure to pair them with heels to add some height too.

Alternatively, pants or jeans with flare legs will also give you the illusion of never-ending legs.

7.Raise your hemline

If you wear skirts, you might want to consider wearing a short or mini skirt. You might want to pair it with a high neckline to keep your style modest.

Conversely, if you wear straight line pants or jeans, you can create a flattering line by rolling up your pants so that they end just above your ankle by an inch or two.

This helps to transform your look and make your legs look longer.

8.Choose vertical stripes

Undeniably, dressing in the elongating vertical stripes is a foolproof fashion tip.
It makes you look slimmer and your legs look longer.

If you’re scared of the attention-grabbing style, you can always opt for a more subtle pinstripe look.

9. Wear a flattering slit

Wearing a side-slit midi skirt or midi dress is an effortless way to look glamorous and instantly leaner on a night out.

Usually, the slit will end at the most flattering point of your leg – just before your thighs. It means the slimmer part will be seen.

This trick is especially great for those who have a pear-shaped or hourglass figure, as it creates a visually more flattering look than your usual midi skirt.

If you don’t have curves, this style will also give some definition to your body shape.

With these tricks and tips to achieve longer legs without growing an inch, it’s now time to incorporate some of them into your dressing routine to stand taller.

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Dress with a high slit

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