Reformation type dresses we love (Get similar look at US$30- US$70)
We all love brands like Reformation, they make beautiful yet timeless dresses that you’ll want to keep forever.

However, their price points are slightly on the higher side. 

If the Reformation dresses that you have been eyeing are out of your budget right now, you might want to try these cheaper alternatives ( with the exact same sustainable material ) that are just as hot.

In this post, we will explore some of the Reformation type dresses that we're so obsessed at the moment!

Reformation Bea Skirt (US$135)

reformation bea skirtreformation bea skirt

Since its launch, this skirt has become absolute essentials almost overnight and promptly selling out as everyone scrambles to get their hands on it. 

Our version is made of 100% viscose, which has a luxurious sheen.

Only a handful left. Click here to buy it.

daisy print bias cut midi skirt

Reformation Juliette Dress (US$225)

Reformation juliette dress
Reformation juliette dress

“Where did you get this dress?” will be the typical questions you got, especially if you wear this dress to attend a wedding, casual dinner or cocktail events.

If you don’t want shell over $200 for a crepe dress, you can get these near-identical Reformation dresses here and here, at 5x less the original price.

Reformation juliette dress dupeReformation juliette dress dupes cheaper alternatives

Reformation inka dress (US$255)

Reformation inka dress

Likewise, not everyone can afford the price tag of US$255 for a dress.

Recreate the look with our version – Navy Porcelain Smocked Midi Dress, you can save on some serious cash, at the same time still look on point.

Brands like Reformation

Reformation carina dress (US$218)

Reformation carina dress

Have a wedding to attend? This dress couldn’t be more perfect.

Just so pretty. Take it for a spin and you will get nothing but compliments all night.

Shop the look here.

Reformation carina dress dupes



Reformation elle dress (US$218)

Reformation elle dress

This best-selling black polka dots dress just became more affordable.

Buy its cheaper alternative here.

Styles like Reformation

Reformation peridot dress (US$218)

Reformation peridot dress

Get our version for much less here.

Here is what our customer has to say about our near-identical version – ” The fabric moves beautifully – and can help me make an entrance into any room. Love, love, love it!

Same look and quality, but much more affordable price

First, even though the price we charge is significantly lower than the original version, we do not compromise the quality.

We meticulously produced the cut and fit, to make sure that you too, can recreate the look without breaking the bank.

One other thing, we don’t cut corner on the seams, material, zipper, buttons, lining and other small details that matter.



Reformation peach dress (US$198)

Reformation peach dress

Are you paying too much for a simple dress like this?

Even if the quality is good, even if the style is irresistible, blowing $200 for a dress just gives us pause, especially in this current economic outlook.

Thus, if you want to pull off the similar look, but don’t want to shell out that amount of cash, you might want to check out what we have to offer here.



Reformation lavender dress (US$225)

Reformation lavender dress

Flirty and feminine, yet casual and laid-back.

Also lightweight and easy to pack for your next summer vacation.

With our delicate inspired version, now you will have more cash to spend on your vacation. Shop the look 

Dresses like Reformation


Reformation meyer top (US$78)

Reformation meyer top
Reformation meyer top

Who could say no to this adorable top?

Perfect to wear to the office with a dark colour blazer and bottom, this top is also suitable for going out by tucking it in your high waisted jeans.

Don’t you adore the look presented by our model below? Get yours here and here, before the stock run out again!

reformation meyer top dupesreformation meyer top dupes

Reformation christina dress (US$198)

Reformation christina dress

We are totally obsessed with this type of Reformation dress – dress with leg slit.

Get it here.

Reformation christina dress dupe



Reformation thelma dress (US$149)

Reformation thelma dress

Try our cheaper alternative here – Same linen used, same cut, much cheaper price

Reformation Cheaper Alternatives


Reformation Kiernan dress (US$178)

Reformation Kiernan dress

Same cut and style, at the kind of price you’ve only dreamed about.

Buy it here.

dresses like reformation



Reformation alameda top (US$70)

Reformation alameda top

For this asymmetric neck knit top, we have introduced a new colour –dusty blue, which is a hit since its first launched.

It is also available in sand, white and black colours.

Light Blue Sleeveless Asymmetrical Knitted TopReformation alameda top dupe



Reformation Peridot Dress – Lavender (US$218)

Reformation Peridot Dress – Lavender

Fully lined, breathable material, formfitting and flattering fit, plus feminine leg slit detail – and that’s not all.

As you can see, comparable dresses currently retailing for $200 or more.

Wouldn’t you wish to achieve the same look without spending that kind of money? Buy it 
here before it is sold out again.

Reformation type dresses


Not just another dupes!

Don’t compare us with those poorly made inspired pieces. Not those synthetic made flimsy dresses. 

You get the value of $300 dress at the price of $50-$90. 

Quality guaranteed… Or your money back!

If you want to pull off the similar look, but don’t want to shell out that amount of cash, try us on AT OUR RISK.
We’re sure that you’ll fall in love the second you try the dress on, and that’s why we offer a 30-Day warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Concerning with the size doesn’t fit well?
Worrying about the quality doesn’t measure up to your standard, the colour doesn’t match your skin tone?
Don’t know if the style is right for you?
Take 30 days to put it to the test.

Not satisfied with our product at any time within 30 days of purchase?
Just return it to us.
We will give you a full cash refund, no questions asked!

All we’re asking is that you give us a try. Shop at ZOYE today!

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