Reformation type dresses we love - Part 2
Fashion lovers! If you want reformation type dresses at much affordable price, high quality, timeless yet feminine pieces that won’t hurt your wallet, then keep reading!

We all love Reformation, they make beautiful yet timeless dresses that you’ll want to keep forever.

Nonetheless, their price points are slightly on the higher side.

If the Reformation type dresses that you have been eyeing are out of your budget right now, you might want to try these Reformation type dresses 
cheaper alternatives that are just as hot.



Reformation Nikita Dress (US$248)

Reformation Nikita Dress

Stunning look! Looking for a dress for an upcoming summer wedding? This couldn’t be more perfect.

The sweetheart neckline is so flattering, comes in just right at the bodice and flows effortlessly. Floral gorgeousness.

Now you too can recreate this look with this.

Reformation Nikita Dress Dupe




Reformation Fulton Dress - Romy (US$248)

Reformation Fulton Dress - Romy

This dress will win you the attention and well-deserved flattery.

Look instantly more attractive and well-dressed, without breaking the bank, with this Reformation Fulton Dress look alike available here.


Reformation Fulton Dress Dupe



Reformation Fulton Dress - Green (US$248)

Reformation Fulton Dress in Green

Everywhere women are raving about this amazing new dress!

Designed to flatter, our best selling dress is every bit as gorgeous as it was shown in the picture.

Nothing else you could put on is in such a picture-perfect look, with a touch of sophistication. Your friends will admire this dress tremendously.

And they will never dream you obtained it for way lesser than their normal retail price. Get it here.

Reformation type dresses



Reformation Monica Dress (US$205)

Reformation Monica Dress

A year-round staple, don’t you love the timeless polka dots prints? This dress is so beautiful and easy to wear. Trust us, you will be obsessed with it and want to wear it every single day.

Wouldn’t you wish to achieve the same look without spending that kind of money? Buy it here before it is sold out again.

Reformation Dupe



Reformation Tabatha Dress (US$198)

Reformation Tabatha Dress

Super cute and flattering.

We reproduced this style in 
black instead of the original colours.

Reformation Tabatha Dress cheaper



Reformation Bri Dress (US$98)

Reformation Bri Dress

Another adorable everyday dress.

We reproduced it in sweet salmon pink. An absolute eye candy.

Similar to Reformation Bri Dress

Same look and quality, but more affordable price

Even though the price is significantly lower than the original version, we do not compromise the quality.

As you may have already known (if you purchase anything from us before), we meticulously produced the cut and fit of all our products, to make sure that you too, can recreate the look without breaking the bank.


Not just another dupes!

Don’t compare us with those poorly made inspired pieces.

Our product is not that synthetic made, thin and flimsy dress on the mass market.

You should expect to get the value of a $300 dress from us at much less.


Reformation Jada Dress (US$248)

Reformation Jada Dress

Shop similar look here.

Reformation Jada Dress Dupe

Reformation Tempest Dress (US$178)
Reformation Tempest Dress

Where to get it -> Click Here

Reformation Tempest Dress Look Alike

Reformation Veronika Dress (US$218)

Reformation Veronika Dress

Shop similar look here.

Reformation Veronika Dress Dupe



Return within 30-day, Full Cash Refund. No questions asked!

If you want to pull off the similar look, but don’t want to shell out that amount of cash, try us on AT OUR RISK.

We’re sure that you’ll fall in love the second you try the dress on, and that’s why we offer a 30-Day warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Concerning with the size doesn’t fit well? Worrying about the quality doesn’t measure up to your standard, the colour doesn’t match your skin tone? Don’t know if the style is right for you?

Take 30 days to put it to the test.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with our product at any time within 30 days of purchase, just return it to us.

We will give you a full cash refund, no questions asked!
Try ZOYE today.



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